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The pad printing process is probably the most versatile of all printing processes due to its ability to print on three dimensional objects and compound angles. Curved clips and images diametrically opposed to the clip are common applications for this process. The process is ideally suited to close registration multi-colour printing. Like screen printing your logo is made into film which is then transferred onto a soft silicone pad, Ink is then introduced and printed onto your chosen product. Pad printed products are everywhere – the keys on your keyboard, promotional company pens, promotional clocks and a myriad of other promo items.
Engraving - this is the preferred technique for personalising metal pens as the image becomes a more permanent feature of the product and cannot be removed easily. It is equally suitable for producing multiple images or individual images or names. Laser engraving produces a subtle and permanent high quality decoration. Laser engraving is our favoured decoration method for metal keyrings, clocks and high value metal products. The laser removes a small amount of the product’s surface giving an ‘etch’ effect. It is permanent and will not scratch off.